Baschi „Wenn dWält 1986“

In April we traveled on a journey with the Swiss Popstar Baschi. As he dives back into the days of his youth in the video for his new single „Wenn dWält 1986“. Remembering the unforgettable camping holiday with his two best friends. With their Motorcycles the went on an adventure over hill and dale, camped in the wilderness to finally arrive at their favorite campsite in Murg, where they went on spending memorable days together.

In cooperation with Hunter.Film a lavishly produced and beautifully filmed video was created.

We were also able to create and realize the artwork for "Wenn dWält 1986" as well as the upcoming album Visuals being released in September 2018.

In addition, we were able to win over Karine + Oliver for the press & promotion photos. This resulted in an aesthetic series of pictures, which additionally underlines the entire work.

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