Private House

We transformed a flat built in the 1990s – consisting of 240 m2 spread over three floors – into a spectacular living space that effortlessly reflects 2017 style. The interior design plays with different eras and showcases classy decorative elements of the ’30s to today.

To implement such a detailed and carefully planned interior concept, we developed a totally new room sociology. This resulted in certain arrangements: opening up the kitchen, optimizing the staircase, demolishing a chimney and amalgamating some rooms.

We create for you, so you can love living!

00_01_entrance 08_01_rooftop_office_lounge 01_02_livingroom 02_01_guesttoilet 08_04_rooftop_office_lounge 06_01_girlsroom 07_01_girlsbathroom 09_01_musicroom