Logo and Corporate
Identity Design

The identity of a brand is where its story is told. We offer unforgettable and impressive logo designs and corporate identity (CI) solutions that reflect the essence of your brand. We pay careful attention to ensuring that your brand identity forms a strong bond with your target audience, being consistent and memorable. From logos to business cards, from packaging design to social media concept designs, we provide unity and professionalism at every point of your brand.

Services we provide in this context;

- Brand Strategy and Storytelling
- Logo and Corporate Identity Design
- Catalog, Emblem etc. Design of Printed Materials
- Poster and Banner Works

Photo/Video Production

To uniquely showcase your brand and products, we offer specialized solutions through our experienced team in photo and film production.
Thanks to our collaborations in Turkey and Switzerland, we provide high-quality film and photography services to businesses across Turkey and Europe through our artists and production studios.

The services we offer include:

✓ Product Photography and Videography
✓ Commercial Film Production
✓ Vector-Based Animation Films
✓ Script Development for Promotional and Advertising Films
✓ Editing and Animation Productions
✓ Social Media Content Creation
✓ Product Photo Shoots
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E-Commerce Website
Design and Installation

The key to success in the e-commerce sector is not only the quality of your products but also the appeal of your presentation. We elevate the online shopping experience to a higher level with user-friendly interfaces and interactive designs. We offer e-commerce website setup and consulting services on platforms like Shopify or WooCommerce to enhance your business. By ensuring that customers can easily navigate your site, find products effortlessly, and complete purchases smoothly, we increase conversion rates. We meticulously design your online storefront, considering every detail, to showcase your brand in the best possible way.

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Website and Application
Interface Design

In today's digital landscape, a brand's visual identity and digital experience are pivotal in shaping its public perception. We craft the digital persona of your brand by creating designs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional and user-friendly. Our UI (User Interface) designs capture users' attention with their visual allure, while our UX (User Experience) designs build brand loyalty by ensuring a smooth and seamless user experience. By delivering innovative solutions in both UI and UX, we strike an optimal balance between meeting user needs and achieving your business goals.

Our services include:

- Corporate Website Interface Design
- User Experience Design
- Website UX/UI Project Consultancy
- Application Interface Design
- E-Commerce Interface Design
- Frontend Programming for All Devices
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Our company specializes in websites, e-commerce platforms, mobile applications, and content management systems, and develops customized software solutions tailored to the unique needs of brands with our experienced team. When bringing your projects to life, we prioritize ease of use, functionality, and sustainability, aiming to elevate the user experience to the highest level. With innovative and effective software solutions, we support your business's digital transformation journey by utilizing the latest tools and techniques, aligned with the goals of your projects and the expectations of your target audience. Whether you are a startup or a large corporate company, we aim to add value to your projects and help you achieve your goals. We are here to optimize your business processes with our specially designed solutions, providing a competitive advantage in the market. Please contact us to discuss how we can assist with your projects.
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E-Commerce and
Startup Consulting

At RAWCUT, we guide entrepreneurs aiming to establish a solid foundation in the digital arena. Our goal is to strengthen your brand's presence in the digital space, ensuring you stand out from your competitors.

From elevating your website's user experience to the highest level, shaping your brand's visual identity with an innovative perspective, comprehensively enhancing your digital marketing strategies, to turning contemporary startup ideas into reality, we meticulously handle every detail on the journey we embark on together.

Providing the support and guidance necessary for your brand to reach its deserved place in the digital world is a passion for us. The RAWCUT team is here to elevate your projects to the next level and turn your digital vision into reality. Contact us to discuss further information and our custom solutions.
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