About Rawcut

Rawcut is n Advertising Agency Operating in the Field of Graphic/Digital Design, Software and Photo/Video Production.

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Think. Create. Inspire

Rawcut is an international design agency that aims to create design and brand experiences that go beyond the ordinary. Our journey began in 2008, nourished by the creative spirit of Zurich, and in 2013, the historical texture and dynamism of Istanbul added a new dimension to Rawcut's innovative spirit.

Since its establishment, RAWCUT has continued to uphold our innovative leadership and commitment to adding value to brands in a wide range of sectors from textiles to education, health to new generation enterprises; in enhancing brand awareness, strengthening product communications, and shaping sales strategies through design, software, production, and consulting services. In collaborating with our brands, we aim not only for today but also to leave lasting marks for the future. This is because we believe that real success is achieved by creating meaningful changes in the lives of brands and people.