The Cat Museum

Interior Design

The Cat Museum

An artful underground car park, which provides animals pleasure and invites you to linger!  

After the museum car park and the "History of the Automobile",  "THE CAT MUSEUM" was presented, where the significance of signage was sucessfully pointed out. One can have a far greater benefit/outreach than "just" your average room lettering. The mixture of signage and art in construction make the multi-family house the attraction itself, as the garage becomes more appealing for residents and visitors and positively radiates far beyond the object itself.
Because who doesn't love cats? 

A design that appeals to all age groups and creates the atmosphere, communicates content in a playful way, and incidentally lets the visitors forget that they are at an underground garage. The "THE CAT MUSEUM" is also a showcase project in terms of cost/benefit. The property is additionally upgraded, experiences a broad media (international) attention through various channels (press, social media, etc.), and contributes to a positive image of the house. The desired goal was more than achieved to the delight of all involved parties.

Object: Multifamily home Morgenroot II, Root (LU)

Building Owner: Privat

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